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Our Company


We give peace of mind. That is the focus of our company.

Our company strives for your safety first. We make the unknown into knowns. Many times, customers have said at the end of a simple product safety inspection, (whether the outcome was no problems found or something major to correct) “Now I know and I feel better”. 


The company has been structured around customer service, and we are well-known for it. Whether you need a quick piece of technical advice over the phone, a chimney inspection, or have a complicated problem that no one else has been able to help with, we will do our very BEST to take care of you. 

We have several specific techniques and specialized equipment.


We have several specific techniques and specialized equipment that have been developed to keep your heat source in good working order. We stock lots of parts to avoid second trips and keep the cold time to a minimum for you. 


Lots of our business is centered around proper maintenance. Not only do we offer professional cleaning services for your pellet, wood, or gas stove, we strive to educate you on anything you can do yourself to make your appliance work better. 


We do not sell stoves directly but have good working relationships with most of the stove retailers in the area and are happy to help you decide which appliance works best for your specific needs.

The one thing we always want to know: How may we help you?


Many times, we are the second or even third company to help our customers, as other companies were unable to fix the problem. 


Although it does happen, we are rarely stumped and by using our tried and proven approach to diagnosing stove problems, are able to effect the proper repairs and/or maintenance ensuring our customers are warm and happy.

Before you let price become the only deciding factor, consider value vs. price.


We work very hard to make sure we do it right the first time. 


We stock several parts on our trucks and can order from most manufacturers. We have excellent reviews and strive to always do what’s right. Although we can’t make everyone happy every time, that is our goal. 

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Our Staff


Jim photo

Jim has been factory trained by several manufacturers, is an OCSA certified chimney sweep, and works hard to keep up with latest advancements to the industry, in pellet, gas and wood products. 

Our owner and Master Technician, Jim Beck has been serving the hearth products world for over 38 years. Jim’s background has always been in the technical and repair field. 


His career in hearth products started in Arizona, where he was asked to bring in wood stoves for the company he worked for in retail sales. After that, he worked as a technical advisor for a major distributor and was given the nickname “Dr Beck” because of the way he diagnoses a stove. Just as a medical doctor will look at all the symptoms, and try to get to the root cause, Jim does the same with stoves. 


Moving to Oregon in 1995 and going
to work for a national manufacturer, Jim became their national technical advisor and was involved in the design of several new pellet stoves, gas stoves and wood stoves. 

In his next manufacturing company, Jim was the national customer service manager. During this timeframe, Jim was asked to travel to the east coast and determine why so many of the companies’ pellet stoves were failing to operate correctly. 


He discovered that the pellet fuel on the east coast is made primarily of hard wood, and having a larger ash content, found that the stoves were simply plugging up with ash. 


He began to design a cleaning system for the stoves and taught it to several dealers. This was the starting point for the expanded cleaning system that The Stove Doctor uses today. 


In 2001, after lots of prayer, Jim started The Stove Doctor, and has been bringing his years of technical experience to the folks of lane county (sometimes beyond) since.


Austin photo

Austin has excelled at learning the process of diagnosing stoves in true Stove Doctor form. He goes after the root cause of the problem by compiling the symptoms, listening to the customers input and coming to the correct conclusion. 

Austin has been with the company since 2014, although was not officially hired until 2017. The first year was working through a temp agency and then a year of full-time training before he took his place in the field as a service technician. 


Jim has often made the comment that teaching someone to fix stoves is not the most difficult part. The difficult part is having the proper character to work with customers in their own home. 


When Jim first met Austin, he saw in him several character traits that he admired. Honesty, courtesy, manners, a drive to learn and succeed, not afraid of hard work or getting dirty and a pleasant professional personality. 

Austin had these things when he came to work for The Stove Doctor. Over the years, he has continued to develop those character traits and has received the training to be a very competent technician. 


He has excelled at learning the process of diagnosing stoves in true Stove Doctor form. He goes after the root cause of the problem by compiling the symptoms, listening to the customers input and coming to the correct conclusion. 


He has reached a point where several customers request him by name. Many customers have commented that he is like having Jim work on their stove. 


Now, fully trained, he is truly a very valuable asset to the Stove Doctor team.

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