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Getting ready for the 2023/24 heating season

Hello everyone. Yep. It's hot. However, don't let it fool you into thinking it will stay hot. Before we know it Fall and Winter will be here. Last year was kind of a cold, wet season. With that comes some things that should be looked at. Pellet stove owners. Now is a good time to consider cleaning of your unit and chimney. Build up left over the summer can harden up and cause your stove to burn poorly or not work at all. Better now than waiting till you need it. Gas stove owners, service may or may not be in order. Gas stoves do not build up ash as do pellet and wood, but they do sometimes need some TLC. Now is a good time for a safety performance inspection. We can check for leaks, damage and function. Wood stove and open fireplace owners. Now is a good time for inspections and sweep only if needed. Some units need sweep every year, others can go years without a sweep but we believe its far better to know than to be supprised. Let us come do a safety inspection. If you don't need a sweep, we won't sweep. Either way, once we're done you can rest easy knowing you're prepared for the coming heating season. What ever you have, just remember. "Stove Sick?? Call The Stove Doctor!!"


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